How it Works 

1 – Submit a Tip

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Call us or submit a tip online. Tips are received at our local Crime Stoppers office. Calls are anonymous. Conversations are not recorded. The Crime Stoppers Police Coordinator receiving the information completes the tip form, then passes the information along to the investigating officer. By guaranteeing the tipster’s anonymity, Crime Stoppers allows for information to be given in a positive atmosphere without fear of retribution.

2 – Stay In Touch

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When you submit information, you will be given a report number. This is how we keep track of your tip, since no names are given. Any time Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm, you can call our local office with your report number and receive updates on your tip. Find out where the investigator is in the case, if an arrest has been made, or if you’re eligible for a cash reward.

3 – Collect A Reward

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Pettis County Crime Stoppers will pay up to $2,000 for any tip leading to an arrest. By following up on the information you submitted, you will know if you’re eligible for a cash reward. Once you’ve been told that you’re going to receive payment, your local Crime Stoppers Police Coordinator will give you instructions how to collect your cash.